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Last Updated ( Friday, 19 October 2012 11:39 )


We offer a number of FREE templates on this site. By selecting from the Template Chooser you will see a demonstration of the templates available. Once you have chosen the template ( s ) you like simply go to the download page for your free copy.

If you wish a template designed to your specification and taste our prices start at just €25.

Unlike many other sites the design package will include 3 templates, with one, two and three columns. I have always found it frustrating in the past to find a template I like but then I must have 2 columns of menus and information in my articles or photo albums etc disappear behind them. From Avalon Websites we will supply a zip folder with all the templates included. Then all you would have to do after installing is assign them as and how you wish.



Do you need a website designed for you?

Are many design sites just too expensive?

Would you like a site designed quickly for you?

Would you like a website you could learn to update easily?

If the answers are yes to the above then you are in the right place.